14 Feb

From the Principal – Christopher Prance

It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I am able to put pen to paper at the commencement of Week 3 of the 2020 school year, as I can report that the start for our children has been exemplary.

A great start to a New Year

This is primarily as a result of the fabulous work from staff in ensuring their readiness for the children’s first day. I continue to admire the amount of time and effort the staff are willing to give, in order to ensure your children are provided the very best opportunities.

Another satisfying moment has been our first Chapel Service for the year in St Margaret’s Chapel. Each year Chapel provides an opportunity for our newest appointed leaders, to step up and demonstrate their capacities.

Student Leadership

Every year I am reminded of how much our young people have to offer, and this year our Year 7s demonstrated outstanding leadership. This was evidenced through their readings, role as Servers, participation in the choir, support of the Reception students, and general demeanour; their willingness to serve and set an example is great.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing our Year 7 leaders continue to grow in their roles.

Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond

Over the coming months there will be a number of opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage in processes of review, which will help shape SPW’s future over the coming years. As we are now developing a new Strategic Plan 2020 and Beyond, opportunities are arising for focus groups to reflect.

Should you see an opportunity to join a focus group, please feel free to do so, with the first being an open forum held at the next Parents and Friends meeting on Wednesday 11 March. All parents and caregivers are invited to attend.

You may also be contacted directly by our Strategic Planning facilitator, Claire Parkinson, or Andrew Sculthorpe from Image Seven. Andrew is leading a review of our marketing strategy and you could be one of our randomly selected parents who are being asked for direct and confidential feedback, either to Andrew or Claire.

Millington Project Update

In my first newsletter, I delighted in the fact that our refurbished Reception rooms were ready on time. I am now equally pleased to report that the Reception rooms are proving to be exceptional in providing flexible learning spaces for our newest school-aged children, and that the Plaza area, being built in between the Reception and Year 1 rooms, is soon to be completed.

New Staff

This week we have welcomed Ms Jemma Pace as our part-time Visual Arts teacher, replacing Mr Antonio Clemente. Antonio accepted a full-time position in another school, just prior to the commencement of the school year. Whilst this was a difficult decision, I fully respected Antonio’s wish to secure full-time employment.

I am delighted that we have been able to find a replacement teacher of the calibre of Jemma who, in her final year of training, as a mature aged entrant, was nominated for the Medal of Excellence in Beginning Teacher Award at Flinders University.

We wish Jemma well as she commences at SPW, congratulate Antonio, and share with you the wonderful news that our permanent Visual Arts teacher, Ms Jessica Hancock (currently on maternity leave) has recently given birth to her second child.

Are you Adaptable? article

In closing, I would like to reflect on an article by Bernard Salt in the Weekend Australia magazine entitled, Are you adaptable? Bernard talks of the more complex skills young people must gather,

Jobs are less secure. New jobs requiring different skills are emerging. What is needed isn’t so much the pre-science of training for specific jobs for the future (because no-one knows what they will be) but rather the ability to adapt to whatever jobs do emerge. This requires basic skills – university or trade – as well as good networks that in turn require adept social skills.” Bernard Salt goes on to say “Good social skills aren’t learnt solely at school or in higher education; they are reinforced if not shaped by direct parental involvement.” Furthermore he says “The kinds of skills I think children need to learn over and above those found on the curriculum, and that best prepare them for life’s later challenges, include basic manners, the ability to speak fluently and confidently, and a sense of personal responsibility.”

This is music to our ears here at SPW. We have, as one of our core values, RESPECT, and we often marvel at the capacity of our children to stand tall, speak in front of others, look confident, and take responsibility for their own actions. What great preparation for life.

Until next time.


Thank you to Christopher Prance, Principal, for sharing this story.