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2018 Annual Appeal
Learning Spaces

The SPW Foundation invites you to support this year’s Annual Appeal to establish 21st Century Learning Spaces, where our children can develop the skills and attributes to live, work and thrive in a 21st Century world.

Children are future creators, innovators, problem-solvers, entrepreneurs and collaborative team players. It is important our children have engaging, well equipped learning spaces to prepare them to be our future leaders.

SPW desires to enhance the learning spaces accessed to deliver our current STEM program, which incorporates science, technology, engineering and mathematics and also includes a strong focus on The Arts, ensuring we offer the highest level of educational opportunities for our children.

The Learning Spaces Annual Appeal 2018, facilitated by The Foundation, is seeking your support with the following projects:

Annual Appeal Projects

1Nutter Thomas Building
Annual Appeal target $25,000
Our goal is to refurbish the Nutter Thomas facilities to create a multi-purpose area including a maker space, food preparation and wet areas, where children can engage in hands on learning. The old Nutter Thomas kitchen has not changed since the Boarding House days. Our proposed project will ensure children can enjoy the practical experiences of creating and problem solving.


Annual Appeal target $25,000
We plan to purchase furniture and other resources to enhance the STEM learning spaces in the Library. Our goal is to establish collaboration booths (versatile learning spaces), multi-purpose STEM work stations with adjustable benches and incorporating a robotics station.

‘Please join me as we establish learning spaces where our children can develop the skills and attributes to live, work and thrive in a 21st Century world’. Christopher Prance, Principal

How your contribution will make a difference?
Your financial support of the Library and Nutter Thomas Building projects will provide an excellent opportunity for the Foundation to assist the school to develop specifically designed STEM learning opportunities for our children in the short term.

How can I donate to the SPW Foundation?
It’s a simple process to donate by using the ‘Donate Now’ button. Alternatively download a Donation Form.

For further information contact the Development Office P. 7221 6202  E. foundation@spw.sa.edu.au


Did you know that the Nature Play space was going ahead?
We are very excited to announce that in Term 3 we expect to start the construction of SPW’s nature play space, ready for all sorts of fun from Term 4, 2018. A key contributor to this has been the many generous donors to the SPW Foundation Annual Appeal, as the Foundation recently committed $130,000 towards the cost of the project. Read more about  the plans for our new nature play space here.

Read more about how the St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School Foundation manages the financial support of our community giving  us the impetus to advance the school and make it possible for us to achieve a number of important goals and milestones. Find out more.

For further information about the SPW Foundation contact Karen Schaumloffel
 P. 7221 6202  E. kschaumloffel@spw.sa.edu.au