07 Jun

As part of our 20 Year Anniversary Celebrations, a spotlight was shone on some of the SPW students.

Children in Kate Hane’s Reception class were asked the question – What do you like about SPW? The following are their responses:

Lots of new friends.

We get to learn letters.

I like how my friends play with me.

I like the whole school and I like doing peer support.

There are lots of different types of people.

It would be boring if we were all the same.

I like the year 5s teaching me.

I liked going to Stirling and playing with clay in the garden.

Because we get to do lots of playing.

We learn new things.

Sometimes we do buddies and I love it.

I like going to music, sport and art.

We get to do topic talks.

My mum used to go to Woodlands.

We learn new sentences.

I liked making a movie on the iPad.

I like going to the library Make a Space at lunch time.

We like playing and doing cartwheels on the oval.

I like playing on the playground.

We can buy things at the canteen.

We wave to our friends in the ELC.

I like climbing on the logs.

I like finding mini beasts in the Nature playground.

I like the chickens because they are fluffy and we can collect eggs.

Thank you to students Ali, Makayla, Zephyr, Andrew, William, Jacob, Dexter, Moxuan, Poppy, Harry, Seb, Miya, Isabella, Xavier, Lachlan, Evie, Imogen, Tasman, Kale, Phillappa, Francesca, Zara and Meredith (Community Development Manager) for sharing this story.