01 Nov

As part of the 20 Year Celebrations, we invited an SPW family that has been very involved with the school for a number of years to share their memories.

The Campbell family began their journey with SPW 12 years ago and we are privileged to have such a generous family as part of our community. Here are Lynda Campbell’s thoughts and reflections on her family’s journey at SPW, one we hope will continue for many many more years to come.

SPW has been an important part of our family’s life since 2008 when our daughter Bridget started in Playgroup with Meredith at the Pines, followed by our second daughter, Phoebe three years later.

The features that attracted us to SPW on our initial school tour were the immaculate school grounds, lovely buildings and multiple ovals with plenty of space for kids to play. More importantly, there was a very friendly, welcoming “feel” to the school. These qualities made us feel very confident in our choice to enrol our daughters at SPW.

In 2018 Bridget was the 4th recipient of the Sandra Coulson CSM Young achiever scholarship.

Now, in 2019, Bridget is finishing Year 7 and looking back it is abundantly clear what a wise choice we made. We have been blessed at SPW with wonderful teachers who are completely invested in our children, ensuring that they are emotionally and academically equipped for the next stage of their education.

SPW has also instilled a sense of service and community in our children. It is very rewarding to see the whole school community come together in fundraising events such as the SCOSA Beanie Run and the Walk for Love for Mary Potter Hospice, to name just two.

We also enjoy many extra traditions at SPW. Favourites in our household are Grandparents and Special Friends Day, the annual Blessing of the Pets service and the traditional Whole School Christmas Lunch.

The Campbell family enjoyed having morning tea with Chris, Sandy and her husband Peter.

I love that our primary school aged children are also afforded the opportunity to participate in very professional musical productions (thanks to our super dedicated teachers putting in way above and beyond what is expected). What precious memories the kids will have of these experiences. I am always so proud when members of our extended family are blown away by the standard of these productions.

Lastly, and very importantly, SPW has brought many treasured friendships to our family, to the girls individually, me personally and to the family as a whole. Friendships that I am sure will last well beyond our years at SPW.

Thank you to Meredith Williams, Community Development Manager, and the Campbell family for sharing this story.